Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Using BIM in an Integrated Educational Environment

My colleague, Tony Denzer, and I are currently working on our presentation for this year’s Autodesk University. It is entitled "Using BIM in an Integrated Educational Environment" and is aimed towards universities and other colleges just beginning the move towards BIM or even those interested in other directions for BIM. A portion of this class will go over a verity of trials conducted by the University of Wyoming in conjunction with my thesis on "How BIM and Integrated Practice May Change Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Education." After this course we hope that those enrolled can come away with and be able to:

  • Apply BIM tools to accreditation requirements in AEC disciplines
  • Understand the challenges and benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration for students in AEC disciplines
  • Understand best practices for using BIM in the classroom and design studio
  • Apply key benefits of using BIM with AEC students
  • Develop strategies for introducing BIM tools to beginning students.

Though the course is geared towards AEC schools and universities others may find how some in the educational side are dealing with BIM and the growth of integrated practice and design build.